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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

So what if ACTA didn't pass?

EU suspends ratification of copyright treaty ACTA

but soon after...

The ITU began discussing changes that would bring in international governance of the internet.

Update, July 10: ACTA Lives: How the EU & Canada Are Using CETA as Backdoor Mechanism To Revive ACTA

So what's there to do?
Well, boycotting a pending regulation won't do much, boycott the people and the companies generating those regulations. This is what I mean.

But wait, they don't have valid arguments for imposing Internet control, right? Wrong! Ongoing security concerns, break-ins, cyberterrorism, malware, child pornography, Anonymous striking everywhere. Wasn't the Internet intended to be a repository for information and services in the first place? All of this could sounds very convincing for a lawmaker.

How will they do it?
IP, DNS, URL, packet filtering
Connection reset / router cutoff
portal censorship (blocking sites from popular social networks and search engines)

or just go for the classic approach -- censorship methods used with traditional media.

So how will the Internet look if it goes dark? Pretty dull, I'd guess.

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